About Bear Reilly

Bear came into my life in 2002. He was a tiny fluffy baby and I instantly fell in love. He wasn’t like your typical dog he thought he was human and to me he was my little baby. I took him everywhere with me and he loved all the people he met that would love on him. Through failed relationships and heart break he was always there to lick my tears and snuggle up next to me. He never left my side, over the last 19 years he flew or drove with me across the country anytime I went somewhere and I am so grateful for the comfort he gave me during those times. He was born in South Florida and lived with me there until we moved to Boston 5 years later where we lived until fall of 2020 and we moved back to my home state of Minnesota. I can’t remember my life before him. I can’t imagine not waking up with him not next to me for the rest of my life. He was my sweet little baby and I love him so much. Thank you so much Bear for 19 years of love from you.