About Boots and Mittens

Passed on January 21, 2012

We will always remember Boots and Mittens and their own little personalities: Boots with his quick getaways and disappearances, his roaming and inquistive character, and his occasional overnight escapades and Mittens for her mild and quiet manner and her soft little “Meow.” They were “opposites” that truly complemented each other. We’ll never forget the time one of us had to climb a ladder to get Boots down from the neighbor’s porch roof. How he got up there only he knows, but how to get down was another matter. We’ll also never forget the time they knocked over the Christmas tree in the middle of the night and the trimmings went rolling across the floor. When discovered, two cats disappeared in a hurry! Mischievous and cuddly, they will always be remembered. May they play with the angels and receive ear and tummy rubs in a most wonderful and heavenly place. We will miss them, but love them always.