Boston B

About Boston Brown

Passed on August 13, 2021

From the day we brought Boston home 14 years ago, he never knew a day that wasn’t filled with love. Full of spunk, fueled by joy, and fast as lightning, Boston taught us countless lessons about life. We will miss everything about our boy, especially the way he’d crawl back under the covers to snuggle every morning when the alarm went off. When it was time to get up, the way he’d hop out of bed, always ready to tackle the day. The pure, unbridled excitement he’d show us each time we came through the door. Everything he did had a way of making us smile. He lived for our happiness and we lived for his. What we miss most of all, is his unconditional love and constant companionship. He will always be our best friend, our brightest light, our compass. His spirit will live on in our hearts forever and his love will continue to guide us in all we do. We love you always and forever, until we meet again, our sweet angel.