duke bauers

About Duke Bauers

It’s nearly impossible to put into words the feeling of losing one of your best friends, but we hope to have done our loveable boy justice. I keep waiting to hear Duke’s meows either asking to be fed (again) or telling us he was ready for bed or waiting for us to turn on the tap for some running water. Our sweet boy, we know your death was fast, unexpected, too soon, and pray it was painless as well. Dad and I are so grateful to have been there beside you when you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and hope our presence made you feel safe. Duke was there for some of the most important events in our lives including buying our first home, Alex and I getting married, some family member losses, and the birth of two of his human siblings. Some of his favorite things were moms hair ties, his scratching houses, sitting in dads lap, pestering his dog brother, and bird watching. He was a best friend, brother, and the softest cuddle buddy. He was one of a kind and we were so very lucky to have shared his life together as a family. Duke, we hope you know how truly loved you are and how much you are missed every single moment of each day. We hope to see you again someday.


We love you,

Dad, Mom, Leland, Elsie, and Rocky. ❤️🐾