fabricio aldrich

About Fabricio Aldrich

Fabricio was a best friend, and a brother to my children, he grew from a silly naughty little kitty, to an amazing, smart, and loving boy. He always had to be with you, and was the best snuggler ever. He loved playing with his toys, and would run wild and free all night long threw the house. He loved to yell at me when he wanted something, or just to be loud and obnoxious. Fabricio was always there for me threw my hard times to make the pain just a little less, and to comfort me with he’s love and kisses. Fabricio wasn’t just a cat to us, he was family. He grew with all 4 of my children for almost 13 years, We are going to miss him more than words can ever explain, He’ll be forever in our hearts and we will always remember all the joy he brought into our lives. We’ll love and miss you forever! 💜