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About Lulu Maria

Passed on February 23, 2022

Our beloved “sunshine girl,” Lulu Maria, left us on February 23, 2022.

While Lulu Maria’s life here ended too soon, her ten years were filled with love, adventure, squirrel chasing, road trips, her toys and, of course, chicken and treats.  Lulu, this is a piece of your story for the world to see and, our love letter to you.

Lulu Maria, your life was full  – and full of joy, both for you and for us.  We are so grateful for your love, your time with us and the gifts you left us.  We love you more than words can ever express, and always will.

Your first gift to us was a surprise.  When Mom adopted you 9 years ago, we didn’t know that your first litter was on the way.  Through Jose’s insistence, Mom kept “El Gordo,” who would become our Chorkie, Pepper.  Pepper and her “PQ” toy are a daily blessing to us.  Thank you, Lulu.

Your enduring gift to us was you.  Everything you did, you did with curiosity and joy.  Nothing you did ever got old for us.  Watching you taking in the tropical scenery from our terrace or deck, wind in your hair, was both beautiful and endearing.   Your love of the terrace got you in trouble in the rain once too, but we could never be mad at you.

We will never forget your playtime with Pepper.  You had a little weight on Pepper, but she had the speed, so it was even.  Watching your playful joy, chasing each other around, brought us much happiness and will always be remembered.

I remember the call from Mom, in the middle of our move to the States, that you were pregnant.  Mom was in tears and we were worried about you.  Yet, we were blessed to have your aunt Susy care for you in Florida while your dog family, Dakota and Pepper, and your people family made the move from the Dominican Republic to Minnesota.

The day you gave birth, and we knew you needed an emergency C-section, Mom and I sat on the floor of our unfurnished house in Minnesota praying for you, waiting for updates.  You were strong, and your last born, who needed to be revived, is now part of our family too.  Lucky is another gift we could never thank you enough for.

And then we were re-united again.  To our surprise, you loved the snow.  No matter how many times I told you that it was “too cold for Yorkie toes” you insisted on exploring in the snow, sometimes until I had to come pick you up to rescue your little feet from the cold.  Lulu, it never got old.

Minnesota also introduced you to something else new: squirrels!    You were fast enough to grab a tail and watching your enthusiasm for the chase, even through the snow, made us smile.

You were playful and sweet.  We miss “where’s the Lulu nose?” and “Yorkie attack!” more than words can say.  We miss “get Ducky!” and patching up the Gnomie Gnomes bothers after you took their stuffing out and we found you with it all over your face.

You did so many things that stole our hearts with the massive cuteness of you and what you were doing:

  • We’ll never see another Christmas manger scene without thinking about the time you ate the head off the baby Jesus
  • We laugh now, but were a bit horrified when you decided to eat the pretty butterfly that we were watching
  • Sometimes we’d have the feeling we were being watched, only to see you sticking your head through the rails on the balcony watching us
  • Waking us up too early in the morning, “jumping” on the bed and ready to start your Lulu day
  • Watching you steal Dakota, your German Shepherd big sister’s, bed and then just sitting on it like you owned it
  • The swagger in your walk when you thought that Dakota was getting your food
  • Watching your 10 pound white bundle of cuteness play with 80 pound Chip, your dog friend next door, always brought smiles, though it always made your Dad pretty nervous
  • When you were young, jumping and digging into Mom’s potted plants brought more smiles and warm hearts than scolding. You were just too cute to be mad at.
  • We all remember when you caught the mouse and earned your nickname, “Notorious L-U”

Your Mom will always remember your kitchen conversations, the head tilt to understand and a taste for chicken so strong that we decided to call the kitchen Pica Pollo Lulu.  You were Mom’s constant companion when I traveled and my office pal when I worked from home.

I’ll never forget your Lulu greetings in the middle of the night when I came back from a business trip.  I joked that you thought I had been away at the Great War.  I loved every minute of it and always looked forward to your greetings.  This warmed your Daddy’s heart more than words can say.

Lulu, your eagerness to start your day (sometimes well before daylight), your happiness to be everywhere you were and your curiosity about your world were pure and endearing.    You were nothing but love and you were loved endlessly.


Mommy, Daddy and Jose will miss you forever.  We love you, Lulu Maria.