Miller Christmas

About Miller Wendt

Passed on March 19, 2022

Miller was truly an amazing dog, companion, best friend and just the best thing in my life. As I sit here trying to write this in honor of him I feel words are not adequate to express just how much he meant to me and so many others.  Everyone that ever met Miller loved him. He was so incredibly sweet, smart, strong, supportive, fun, silly, handsome and the list could just go on and on with positive traits.

Miller lived his life curious, engaged, and present in everything he encountered. He did not want to miss anything and appreciated everything. I am so grateful for the full life we had together of almost 17 years however forever really wouldn’t have been long enough. Without him feels incomplete, he truly made everything in life better.

Miller was a rescue dog from a shelter no longer in existence in Mora, MN and from the day my Husband and I picked him up his eyes were filled with love, and we could simply see and feel his gratefulness to be with us and that he never wanted to be away from us. Through the many happy years there were many family trips and so many walks – walks were our thing. When Miller’s sister Molly was still with us and he was healthier than her he would excitedly go get both he and Molly’s leashes and bring them to me excited for our next adventure together. Molly had health issues and was also more feisty and from the second she came into our home Miller was so patient and loving to her. That is how Miller was  – accepting and loving to all, putting everyone else first, he was just so happy to be a part of whatever we had going on.

After Molly passed and other life factors happened I was blessed to have the most special bond of my life between Miller & I. He and I became everything to each other, and we enjoyed life together as best as we possibly could even through COVID and Miller being diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. We handled every challenge that came our way together and we did it very well. Our bond was truly so special and is unbreakable. Everyone who knew or encountered Miller & I could see the love and bond we had, it was undeniable.  Miller & I travelled for cancer treatment for him from October 2020 until December 2021 coming in many forms. Miller responded so well to the treatment and was truly a favorite and loved so much by his care team at AERC. Again, everyone that met Miller loved him, he was so truly special.

I was so grateful that despite every challenge including Miller’s cancer diagnosis Miller’s quality of life and our time together was so good however in February 2022 I did see a decline that continued until Miller had to leave on March 19th 2022. Even through the end of our time together Miller and I remained extremely bonded and made the most of our time together. At the end I cooked for Miller breakfast and dinner and I think he really appreciated it, we continued shorter walks as best he could and had lots of snuggles. At the very end when Miller had trouble getting up he would bark to communicate with me what he needed. He would not do this for my Husband or anyone else, just me. We were very connected and continued our life together as happily as possible until the very end.

I really wanted Miller to be able to pass away as peacefully as possible at home and had all the plans set for Tuesday 03/22/22 however Saturday March 19th 2022 turned out to have different plans and was our last day physically together. The weather was so nice that day which was one more thing I hoped for Miller to get to experience before he had to go. He seemed so happy and content that day, we shared such special bonding time together taking photos, attempting to make a paw clay print together in which I think we both found comical, snuggled and had one last walk to the park by our home that we loved going to together. As we walked together in the park I tried to take in every moment together, pausing to just hug him tight.

We had such a great life together filled with so many experiences that I will forever be grateful for and cherish.

He is gone physically now but forever in my heart. Thank you Miller for all that you brought into my life, thank you for being such a wonderful dog and companion. I hope you are at peace and together with Molly. Words really are not enough to convey how much you are loved and missed. You are forever my special boy, mama loves you!