About Nakita

Passed on September 5, 2012

Nakita (1998 – Sept. 5th 2012)

14 years ago this furry angel picked the stoop of a family member to rest her weary head on after she had escaped an abusive home. Fate – random – destiny – any of these terms could be expressed, but for us it was simply a blessing that led us on an incredible and beautiful journey that lasted 14 wonderful years.

While her beginning was so undeserving of such an innocent creature – love, patience and understanding soon resurrected her enduring and beautiful spirit. A spirit ardently reflected in her deep soulful blue eyes. Nakita provided warmth, understanding, unconditional love, laughter and joy that will last a lifetime for all who knew her. She endeared herself to anyone that met her and honored many with ‘Huskie kiss’ acceptance into her pack.

Her innate ability to communicate with a cadenced howl was enchanting and a raise of her snow nosed snout perpendicular with her echoing sound brought warmth to our hearts. Nakita lived for her daily ‘W’ and we proudly walked her every day of her life and in doing so she became known and loved in each neighborhood we lived as no matter where we were people would always gravitate to her, and she would always welcome them. Her ‘Husky kisses’ will be missed by many, and dearly missed by us. The sound of her in our lives which fell as a soft and gentle silent presence will be so deeply missed.

Little did we know 14 years ago this rescue mission would be so successful and so rewarding but even more unknowingly was the deep impression her presence and her paw print would leave in our lives and in our hearts, and that it would be she who rescued us. Just as St. Francis guided her away from an abusive owner, we know that he ushers her graciously to God’s backyard now. And though we feel a great absence without our ‘big girl’ we celebrate the gift she was in our lives knowing that the true loss would have been never having the chance to embrace her at all.

Goodbye and we love you Nakita, Nakita Banana, Kita, Damn Dog, Boppy….Big Girl.
Cindy and Tony