About Peri

Passed on February 28, 2013

On June 14th 1997 you stuck your nose out of the kennel at us, and our lives changed forever. You were so beautiful, soft and kind, with warm kisses to greet us. We cuddled with you at night and every morning, but when you decided it was time to get up, you jumped out of bed an pulled at the sheets on mom’s side of the bed until I would get up. You loved being at the lake and we could not contain you in the car when you smelled we were getting close to the cabin. We will always remember you sneezing for a chocolate chip cookie. You were the vigilant neighborhood watch dog, always sitting on your window seat looking out the window. The best times we had were long walks together. We wished we could have taken your cancer away. You fought so bravely to be with us as long as you could. You are in our hearts forever, Lee, Barb, Ryan and John.