Violet Looking

About Violet Winger

Violet was a African Pygmy Hedgehog born May 1st, 2020. She was rehomed to me from the Welfare Society of Hedgehogs on September 1st, 2021. She was so mellow and very relaxed with long legs for a hedgehog, I called her my little deer. I noticed blood in her urine so I brought to the Vet and it was decided to get her spayed and have her reproductive system removed to get any possible cancer eliminated. She came thru that very well and was back to her mellow self quickly. But then I started noticing she was having some problem walking, she would stumble and just stop moving. This got more serious and I feared the worse, I knew she had inherited the terrible Hedgehog disease – WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome). My Little boy Oliver Jr. had this also so I was fairly familiar with the symptoms and results. Violet was not yet 2 years old (as was Oliver) and this seems to be a factor with WHS. It is a very sad and terrible thing to witness and there is nothing anyone can do to help them. So I made the heart breaking decision to have her euthanized. I’m sure she made it to the Rainbow Bridge and is having a good old time with all of my boys – Whitey, Bear, Sammy, Piper, Oliver Jr and Oliver Sr. I miss them all so much and think of them all the time.