About Winston Blue

Passed on February 9, 2013

Winston Blue was an incredibly smart & handsome Old English Sheepdog who brought much joy & happiness to those who knew & loved him.

Winston was whelped in Dillon, Montana on July 26, 2001. He lived with his Mom and Dad in Montana for six years before moving to Minnesota. He loved morning walks in the park and coffee runs to Starbucks. He loved playing all types of games and, when he was younger his favorite was basketball or tug-o-war with his Dad. He loved doing anything with his family including riding on the ATVs, cruising in the boat or going on rides in the car for ice cream during the summer. He was incredibly smart and loved to watch television. He amazed many of his mom & dad’s friends when he would sing along to Etta James’s “At Last.” and anything by Andrea Bocelli.

Winston passed away peacefully with his family by his side on February 9, 2013. He was a one of a kind sheepdog and will be missed eternally by all those who loved him.