Pet Services

No two pets are alike and no two services should be alike.

Your pet is placed alone in the cremation chamber (not separated with others or in a mass group). Upon completion, your pet’s ashes are removed from the chamber, processed and placed in a wood container (not cardboard, paper or tin) or you may choose another more personal urn if you wish. Your pet’s ashes are returned in 24 hours (not necessary to bag and place your pet in a freezer chest with other pets for extended periods of time). We believe waiting a week to ten days for ashes to be returned is not helpful in your loss and recovery process.

We understand how important your pet is to you and how much trust you place in our hands to cremate and deliver your pet’s ashes back to you without any doubt you are receiving your pet’s ashes. We will pick up your pet from your home, clinic or pet hospital or you may bring them to us business hours, evenings and weekends. Your pet never leaves our care. The cremation is done on site.

Pets are family members. We utilize the same identification process used for people. Each pet is issued an identification band with a unique number that stays with the pet throughout the process, and is included with your pet’s ashes. We follow a step by step industry standard identification procedure.

The caring staff at Pets Remembered will guide pet lovers through the many choices available for their pet’s final arrangements.

We include the following:

  • Free pick-up from and return to vet clinic or funeral home
  • Certificate of cremation
  • Wood container
  • Presentation bag
  • Donation made in pet’s name to local shelter
  • Grief support materials that are age appropriate.

You will be able to choose from the following:

  • Viewing prior to cremation
  • Ahead of time planning
  • Grief support books & brochures
  • Ink paw print
  • Keepsake jewelry and lockets
  • Personalized and local artist made urns
  • Garden markers by local artist
  • Portraits and picture collages done by local artists