Euthanasia at Pets Remembered

Bring your pet to Pets Remembered Cremation Center and take the time to say goodbye in a warm, comfortable atmosphere where your pet can be cared for by the sensitive staff and a caring licensed veterinarian.

For many reasons…

  • You may not wish for your pet’s euthanasia to take place at your home
  • You may be concerned about soiling rugs, carpet or furniture
  • You may have a large breed and not wish to incur the added expense of home euthanasia
  • You may live in outstate Minnesota or Wisconsin and wish to return home with the ashes
  • You wish to avoid the busy parking lot, crowded waiting room, ringing phones and stainless steel tables at your pet’s veterinary clinic
  • You may want to have your ashes returned in a timely manner (next day) not mailed a week later
  • Have peace of mind knowing your pet is not transferred multiple times and changing hands over the course of the next week

The euthanasia is performed by a gentle experienced licensed veterinarian in our comfortable, private, home-like setting and your pet never leaves the building. The cremation follows and you have peace of mind knowing that your pet is not transported elsewhere or freezer bag stored.  Your pet’s ashes will be available for pickup the following day.

Euthanasia at Pets Remembered

We work with experienced home euthanasia Veterinarians who are available to do the euthanasia at Pets Remembered. Each party is paid separately.

Pet Euthanasia by Veterinarian……………………………………Range: $295 – $395

Private Alone Cremation immediately following………………………$225


*We are not an emergency service but can schedule an appointment on a relatively short notice, please call 651-633-4564 or 833-633-4564.

Euthanasia in your home

We can schedule an experienced Veterinarian to come to your home. Each party is paid separately.

Pet Euthanasia by Veterinarian……………………………………Range: $295 – $395

Private Alone Cremation upon receiving from the vet…………………$225


Most of the vets we work with will bring your pet directly to us at no charge (we must make your appointment) or you may transport them to us yourself. You may arrange for pick up by us for an additional charge ($75-$115) following the euthanasia if you wish. One thing that makes our service different from others is that your pet is never placed in a chest freezer. Your pet is cremated alone (only one pet in the crematory at a time). At Pets Remembered your pet is a family member and is never placed in a plastic bag and or stacked in a chest freezer for days.

Call us at 651-633-4564 or 833-633-4564 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Yelp Review

Out of 5 stars I would give Pets Remembered an 11 star rating. We laid to rest our 15 year old Weimeraner Jenna yesterday. Everything from start to finish was absolutely beautiful. Nice setting, dim lights, comfortable bed for your loved one. No Rushing, time was not an issue. I could not have asked for a better place. These people are very compassionate. Thank you so much for making what I thought was an unbearable situation bearable. If you choose any other place, I promise you’re making a mistake. God Bless all of you that made our final day with my baby girl

Tony S.