Pet Services Planned Ahead

When a person thinks about losing someone they love whether it is a human being or a pet, at the first thought, the idea is immediately shut down and we force ourselves to think about something else. Something to consider: What happens to your pet, if something happens to you? Many times, the surviving family does not know what to do when this happens. Making advanced arrangements can help make the process easier for the surviving family.

Death is a reality to all living things. There is true peace associated with the understanding of it, preparing for it and then living our lives to their fullest every day.

Pet services can be preplanned just like you would for a person. Why? Knowing that it is taken care of, and the arrangements made ahead of time brings added comfort when you need it.


Here are some ideas to consider when pre-planning for your pet:

  • Will you want to take more pictures or a Studio Portrait?
  • Type of disposition ~ Cremation or Burial
  • Favorite toys to be cremated with your pet
  • Location for pets ashes to rest
  • What services will you use
  • Urn, memorial stone, remembrance products that are desired
  • Inscription on memorial stone or urn
  • Do you want to have a service?
  • Guests you would invite to attend a service or call for support
  • Ideas for memorial service in terms of a place, music, DVD, pictures, speakers, poems, a party etc.
  • What would you like the Pet Obituary to say and what pictures to include?