Unique Memorialization that Lasts Forever

What is a Remembrance Code?

Remembrance Codes are elegant keepsakes that link to your beloved pet’s online memorial via a mobile device – forever.

On the surface, the Remembrance Code provides utmost personalization through a unique and beautiful glass keepsake that displays a your pet’s portrait.

The magic happens courtesy of a 2-D bar-code displayed on each glass Remembrance Code; when scanned with any smart phone, it automatically opens the online memorial in a web browser.

Remembrance Codes are available as a keepsake as well as an option to be attached to the foundation of a monument.

Why you’ll love Remembrance Codes

  • A permanent link to your loyal pet’s online memorial
  • A unique keepsake that your entire family will talk about and cherish
  • A sturdy and lasting build quality that can be passed on
  • Easy access to your pet’s online memorial – no need to remember a URL or perform a search
  • Lasts forever – your pet’s online memorial will always be available

Try it now!

If you don’t already have one, search for a ‘barcode reader’ application on your smartphone. Once installed, use it to scan the Remembrance Code below, to be brought straight to sweet Cinnamon’s permanent online memorial.