What Families Are Saying

We pride ourselves on providing the best services possible to the families we serve. Knowing that we can make difficult times a little easier for families is what motivates us day to day. Take a look at what families are saying about us and our services.

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Thank you Skip for your kindness and compassion during the most difficult time we have had. Trixie was a beautiful girl who declined rapidly in her 15th year of life. I watched my sweet beautiful girl go from a vibrant active doggie to a confused elderly girl with multiple health issues who started to be in pain. I knew it was time. Pets Remembered was the best thing that could have ever happened for our girl. Thanks again and God Bless.

Katie Ann


Kona is a wonderful dog. She really helped me today as we had to say good bye to our sheltie, Trixie! Thank you, Skip & Kona! God bless you all!



My husband and I had just arrived in St. Paul for a 90 day work assignment when our little buddy Riley passed away on our first night here. I found Pets Remembered through an Internet search and contacted them the next morning. In only 12 hours, Pets Remembered picked up Riley from the hotel and returned him to us. I felt true compassion for our loss and I was appreciative of the care I know Riley received. Skip was very kind and helped us through a tough day that was compounded by not being home. I highly, highly recommend their service.



My coworker shared with me his story from this weekend and his experience with your service.  What a touching story he shared and the support, kindness, understanding you provided to him and his family – Wow! The service you provide is pretty remarkable!

Thanks and I know that I will refer others to you as we all hold our pets so dear to our hearts.



I want to thank you with all my heart for everything you did for us on Thursday with Nickie!

When you called  5 hours after Skip left and said you were coming back with Nickie’s ashes, I couldn’t believable it.  I love that you brought Legend & Kona.  That was just the therapy I needed to end that sad, sad day.  Nothing like the feeling of those precious puppy teeth and Legend’s big beautiful eyes to remember why we keep sharing our lives with these wonderful companions.

I took some time to go through some of the other obituaries on your site.  Sharing this grief is so helpful and important.  I’ll post one for the Nickster in the next few weeks, as we adjust to our new ‘normal’.  Big Dog – empty house L  The swelling in my eyes is almost gone tonight, but may return tomorrow morning, as the process dictates.

Thank you for taking the care and your time to bring our Girl home the same day we said Goodbye!!  That was more important to me than I realized.

Nickie truly was that special dog of a lifetime. . . “the one that all others are measured by” (Skip’s quote – right on the mark).

You guys made this so much easier – THANK YOU!!

Brian and Susie

On behalf of Debbie and the girls I want to express our deepest thanks and appreciation for the gentle care you gave us as you helped us with Pasha’s final moments. I can’t think of much that is more difficult and more painful than euthanizing your pet, but you provided a quiet, peaceful location where we could grieve in private at our own pace. The veterinarian from MNPets said just enough to keep us informed as to the details of the process, speaking in a gentle, quiet manner.

Your time talking with us afterward about our sweet Pasha and then introducing us to your new puppy helped considerably. Although we were complete strangers, your care for us as fellow dog-lovers was palpable.

Pasha’s final moments and the care for his body afterwards was a model of dignity and respect.

Thank you again for your help in our time of need.



Thank you so much for the card you sent me. It was wonderful to hear from you and was very meaningful to me. The experience at your facility was one I will never forget. I’m so thankful your services are available for people like me who didn’t want to just hand my friend of 14 years, 3 months, to just anyone. He knows I was right next to him in our bed when he left me and he knows I was there to have him in my arms until that was no longer possible.

That night (while he was still with me) I read the pamphlets from you and found that it was okay to say he “wasn’t just a dog.” And to grieve for him the way I need to and for as long as he was gone. But he knows I was there.

I took his little ashes out of the box and wrapped him in his little camouflage hoodie with his collar and bell wrapped around him. So he still sleeps with me, still soft and cuddly.

I tell everyone about your business, the experience I had there, and your caring ways. I’ll always be thankful I found you! Every time I think of Bruty and his last day with me I’ll be thinking of you two!


Thank you so much for taking care of Dolby this weekend. The paw print, the clip of fur and the containers were wonderful. We appreciated you waiting on Sat.

I can tell you have a love for animals and it shows, to those of us who own pets it means the world.

Thank you again. We will recommend you highly.

Donna & Gary Loock..Reina too

Just wanted to let you know that getting Dolby back home the next day has made a big difference in the grieving process. I am so glad you use Pets Remembered ,they were wonderful. Reina is doing okay.

Thanks again.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the kindness and care you showed me and Semerkhet at his passing. It was such a difficult time and still is. The time you took with me, your respect for Sem and his remains, and your gentle consideration of my and my feelings, your calls and cards, paperwork on grieving…all of it touches me deeply. It eases me still to know this precious creature I loved so much was tended so kindly and that my sorrowing spirit was in such loving hands.

Bless you and thank you for the wonderful service you provide.

It is a precious gift.

Beth Kainz

We just wanted to tell you how much your services have been appreciated. We lost Consuelo unexpectedly late last Sunday evening and were given your number by the U of MN Vet Clinic. I can’t tell you how grateful we are to you for being there and for the level of care and compassion that you have given. We will definitely be providing your web/phone/contact information to all we know who has pets. Thanks again for all that you and your family do for those of us in need at such a difficult time

Kathie & Dave

We can’t thank you enough for your gentle help with our dog Maggie. We had dreaded the day we had to say goodbye but you made it so much easier. The service you offer is truly one of selfless love.

Michael & Sarah

Thank you so much for your compassion and kind treatment of our darling Lola! Losing her has been so painful, but your caring has made it easier. Thank you for treating her with respect.

Jennie, Lance, Will, Quinn & Lucky

We wanted to let you know how grateful we feel, to have been led your way while we were dreadfully making decisions about Tobey, our precious Beagle. We wanted to say thank you for so kindly spending time with us, and being so heartfelt and sincere. You are truly a godsend. Know that what you do at Pets Remembered will always be remembered . . . your patience, compassion and respect for us and our beloved pets is one of a kind. Thank you for helping to make our decision and experience a positive and peaceful one. God bless you and your family

Lynn, Joel & Jax . . . & Tobey, too

I just wanted to thank you for the special way you made me feel on one of the worst days of my life. I felt safe in knowing Cisco was being treated like a king leaving my house and knowing that he would be back with me the next day was such a comfort. Everything about your business is great. I believe it is a gift from God that there are people out there who do what you do and that love animals as much as I do and treat them like they are family. The baby basket you brought in for Cisco was perfect because he was my baby and my everything. Thank you again for your kindness and for the services you provide to those of us who lose the ones we love


Thank you so much for the excellent service and kindness and comfort you gave us in our time of great need. It was such a relief to be able to have your assistance and professionalism make a hard day to face be a little less stressful. Take care and god bless.

Rich and Tigger

We would like to thank you for all your kindness, your calls and your understanding of the loss of Elmer. He is so very missed by all of us. Our hearts will never be the same.

Dale, Kit and Whitley

Thank you is not enough for all you have done for me and my family on the loss of our best friend Homie. I was touched with your deepest compassion and kindness you gave at a difficult time. You’ve helped me in more ways than you’ll ever know. Bless you both.


Thank you so very much for everything you did for our precious Shivah. Your kindness and thoughtfulness helped so much in our most difficult of times.

Melissa and Matt

Hi Skip & Carol,

I wanted to tell you how grateful Bruce and I were to have found your services after our beautiful parrot, Tuca, died unexpectedly. You handled everything with the utmost respect and dignity, and we were so touched to be able to participate in the cremation service. We enjoyed talking with you during the time we were waiting for the cremation to be completed, and your compassion really helped us work through some of our grief. I have passed your name along to several people and places that deal with parrots, which is the highest recommendation I can give. You made a very difficult time a bit easier, and for that you have our eternal gratitude.

Teresa & Bruce

Skip & Carol,

Thank you so much for the comfort you gave us through our loss of Satchmo. Your follow-up phone calls were so kind, and we knew that Satchmo was in such trusted hands with you. We thought our hearts were going to stop that night but we’ve moved forward and remember the 10+ years of pure joy he blessed us with. In life, he was a wise old soul – he grounded us and taught us beautiful life lessons of love and the simple joys of life. What a gift!

Ryan, Alicia, Scarlett and Hubert

Skip & Carol,

Thank you so much for helping us through Tani’s passing. Your genuine passion for animals and owners is truly appreciated. It was so nice to chat with both of you when we met the other day. We really enjoyed the warm atmosphere and felt good about leaving Tanis in your care.

Aaron & Tara

Skip & Carol,

We want to thank you so much for the beautiful service you provided. You made a very sad day something to cherish. Watching you leave with our boy was very comforting, knowing that he would be well taken care of in a gentle way. Bless you for being there to help us.

Mike & Marcy

Skip & Carol,

Thank you for your kindness in helping me through Maggie’s death. I miss her terribly, but the good memories give me much comfort. I will not forget your caring as I shared stories of Maggie as she was being cremated. You are very, very special people.


Dear Skip,

We want to thank you so much for your kindness and compassion during a really difficult time. Knowing that Leo was being cared for so carefully really made things easier – and getting his ashes back so quickly along with the lock of his hair made it better for us to cope with missing him. Thank you also for finding the perfect monument for our special boy.


Dear Skip & Carol,

We would like to thank you very much for the services you provided for Phideaux. It was so much more personal for us that we were able to be there to say our goodbyes to him. Then, bring him back home with us. Visiting with you and the kindness you showed helped us out a lot. We wish you the best with everything that you do for families that have lost their best friend.

Gary & Kathy

Dear Skip & Carol,

Thank you so much for the care and compassion you gave to us and to our precious Katie after her passing last month. We just wanted to let you know – again – all the comfort you brought us in our time of loss and sadness. Thank you also for your follow-up phone call and message. It was much appreciated! Knowing how well Katie was cared for after her passing – by you both – brought us such peace and comfort.


Dear Skip & Carol,

Thank you both for the card and the note. It meant so much to all of us. Thank you for being so gentle that night with Elizabeth and for explaining and assuring us that Elizabeth would be taken care of us we were told she would be and for returning her to us so quickly. She was and always will be a part of our family. She will always be missed but will always be in our hearts and prayers.

Sami, Jerry & Don

Dear Skip & Carol,

Words simply cannot express how thankful we are for you kind and thoughtful help as we said good-bye to our dear sweet Toby. Your quiet presence gave us strength. And we will never forget how gentle and careful you were with Toby. He was a magnificent and dignified dog and you treated as such. Thank you also for returning Toby’s ashes so promptly. The wooden box is just beautiful and the paw prints and tufts of hair are wonderful momentos. You provide an incredible service and for this we will always be grateful.

Barb & Mike

Skip & Carol,

I cannot tell you what peace you have brought to us by bringing Calli home to us in such a kind and gentle way. It was just what we needed. Your service is invaluable and amazing!! Thank you for your grace and kindness.

Jennifer & Matt

Dear Skip & Carol,

Our heartfelt gratitude for your kindness and sympathy on our days of sorrow when Motaki passed away. If tears can build a stairway, and memories a lane, we’d go right to heaven and bring her home again!

Our apologies for not responding instantly! Love you guys! Thank you very kindly! Thanks for everything!


The Wiesners

Skip & Carol,

Thanks for calls and cards. We are doing fine. Looking for another dog as Bandit seems lonely. Took all your cards to work. They were gone rather quickly.

Thanks again,


Dear Pets Remembered,

A few weeks ago you helped us deal with the loss of our beloved Corky. He was such a great cat and is terribly missed. I want to thank Skip for the time he spent with me and the opportunity to talk about Corky before he removed his body from our home. It was comforting to witness the tenderness and respect Skip had for Corky when handling him. I was comforted simply knowing that Skip and Cariol understood my sincere grieving for my long time companion.

Sincere thanks for your kindness,


Skip & Carol,

Thank you both immensely for your help in caring for Nyla. Your services were dignified, prompt, proficient, affordable and most importantly- invaluable to us as pet owners! I was quite blown away by your obvious passion for pets and their owners.
Thank you thank you thank you!


Brenna & Eli

Hello Skip & Carol,

It is nearly impossible to put into words our appreciation of the service you provide. As appreciated is the respectful handling of our precious girl Nakita, and the genuine compassion of you both that accompanied the service you provided in our time of loss. From you, Skip, picking up Nakita after she had passed on to God’s Kingdom, to you, Carol, delivering Nakita’s cremated remains we felt comfort. We never once worried what or how Nakita was being cared for in this final phase of her presence here on earth. The delivery of her ashes the next day accompanied by your comfort and understanding Carol are so appreciated considering the blubbering mess I became . . . thank you.

Lastly, the hand-carved wood box that Nakita’s ashes were presented in is so beautiful and meaningful knowing that someone is creating these solely for the purpose of our precious furry babies ashes to be housed in so that they can stay close to us once they have passed. Please know that we are so very thankful, and thank you for the beautiful card.

Cindy & Tony

Dear Skip and Carol,

I would like to express my gratitude for your services, and most importantly your compassion during a very difficult time. I cannot thank you enough for treating me and my beloved companion with the utmost of respect. Making the decision to put Komikus to rest continues to be difficult but I can take comfort in knowing she was treated with care. I really appreciate the fact that you took an interest in our situation, and you took the time to learn about us. You made me feel comfortable with my decision.

You have helped preserve Komikus’s memory, and for that I am forever thankful.



Dear Skip and Carol,

Thank you for the wonderful care you gave to Rook’s remains after he passed. It has not been easy to lose him, and we miss him every minute of each day. Having you care for him after he passed, with your tremendous respect and attention, lifted a giant weight from our shoulders.

Thank you and we wish you the very best,

Chris & Jodi

Hi (Skip & Carol),

We just wanted to take the time to let you guys know how much we appreciate everything you did for us when we lost Sassy. Losing a pet is difficult and you helped us with the process. We are glad that we found you and your special service that you provide to those who lose a pet. Thanks again and we will let people know about you and Pets Remembered.


Bill and Sharon

Skip and Carol,

I received your message today and just wanted to say thank you for checking up on us. Things got a little less painful after Rio came back home. I’m not quite sure why but it is comforting knowing exactly where she went, with who and where she is now, ‘at home’.
I am so very thankful that I found the two of you on that Sunday two weeks ago and the way things were dealt with at a moment’s notice.
I shared the happenings and everything you did for Rio and myself with a number of people and they all were very touched. It’s nice to know that there is another option.

Once again, a very heartfelt ‘thank you’ for everything that the both of you did to help me and Rio

Kris, Nick & Marley

Dear Carol and Skip –

Thank you again for the kind and thoughtful services you provided to our beloved Olivia and to our family. I am so glad we chose you and not the other provider that was going to “leave an overhead door to the loading dock” open for us.
As we said, Olivia was with us for nearly 17 years and you helped make an absolutely dreadful day somewhat more bearable for us.


Ray and Sonya

Dear Skip & Carol,

I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me & Abby at her cremation last Friday. The service you provide is such a comfort to people like me who can’t imagine leaving their beloved pet behind at the vet.
Your kindness& compassion was so evident & made a very difficult day a little easier. Thank you for being there for us & listening.



Skip, from Pets Remembered, has been wonderful. I got Lucky’s ashes back the next day in a beautiful box and received some unexpected but pleasant things from him including a note of donation made in Lucky’s memory, seeds to plant, an additional paw print and fur from Lucky. I told him the basket he used, which apparently was new, gave me comfort that Lucky was still being treated with care even though she had passed on.

With blessings of peace,