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Dealing with the death of a pet is difficult enough without the added concern of:

  • My dog or cat died at home, how do I move him/her, now what do I do?
  • My pet was hit by a car, who do I call?
  • My pet has been euthanized at the clinic, I don’t like my options, now what?
  • What assurances do I really have that it’s only my pet’s ashes returned?
  • What happens to my pet in those days or week until the cremation takes place?
  • Do I really want to go through this all over again in a week or 10 days when I pick up the ashes from the veterinary clinic?
  • My pets have always been buried but now the ground is frozen
  • I have always buried in the back yard but I won’t be in this house much longer

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There is no doubt that sharing our lives with pets provides enrichment, growth and love beyond our wildest imaginations. Eventually we are forced to face their death and the release of their physical presence. This experience can be confusing, painful, stressful and full of heartache. Furthermore, the decision with respect to taking care of their body must be made. Cremation is one of the most popular options for pets today. As we do for us, we do for our pets. However, pet crematories are often hidden behind a cloak of secrecy. Closed doors, difficult hours and forbidden public visits are common in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. You do have another option. Pets Remembered is family owned and operated by pet people who are passionate about providing the best care possible. We feel pets are family members and should be treated as such. Knowing the difference between the cremation options and asking key questions can be helpful in making your decision and giving you peace of mind.

Cremation Options for Return of Ashes

Private Cremation, Alone, One-in-one-out

Private cremation is just that — one pet in the cremation unit at a time. The brochure, authorization form and cremation certificate should state that the cremation was private, alone and/or one-in-one-out and not just the date that it was done or a one word definition. This is the only way people are cremation, and it is the only type of service Pet Remembered offers.

Individual, Separate, Partitioned Cremation

Individual or Separated Cremation is not a Private Cremation! Multiple pets are placed within the unit and separated by space. Pets Remembered feels this is an unacceptable practice and does not offer it. Why pay a premium price and receive a mix of ashes? Listen closely and carefully to the providers words and read the authorization form carefully. Chances are this is a type of service you are receiving in this market from vet clinics. A cremation truth is you are getting a mix of ashes, this practice would never be done with people.

During this difficult time, you can find comfort in knowing that we are a locally family owned pet lover business and we promise that we will always handle your pet in a dignified and caring manner. You can be assured that your pet will receive the highest quality care. The ownership, staff and mortuary students have received extensive training in handling remains, cremation and emotional support, giving you peace of mind that you and your pet will be handled respectfully.

Many families mistakenly assume they have to use the company of their veterinarian's choosing for cremation. This is not the case. Many families want to have their pet picked up sooner, cremated properly, not stored for days in plastic bags and piled in a deep freezer and want to know they are receiving only their pet's ashes in return, Because your pet is your family member and your property, you have the right to decide what happens to them in every facet. Let your clinic or hospital know that you wish to use Pets Remembered and we will be there. It has recently brought to our attention that some veterinary services have been vague talking about their third party cremation service they provide or even imply that they use our services or like service for your pet when they do not. They may even provide a look alike urn to further confuse the matter. If you have any questions please call or email us to verify if they are a preferred partner of ours.

The delicate subject of the latter days of our pet’s life is never an easy one to tackle. Pet people can find comfort knowing that Pets Remembered Cremation is available days, evenings and weekends, and we are honored to help you. We will try to answer whatever questions you may have.

Photo credit: Sarah Beth Photography's Joy Session is an opportunity to remember the love you share with your pets in a beautiful, dignified way.

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