We find the meaning and purpose for our lives helping families through their final act of care for the pet they love.




Euthanasia Room


Bring your pet to Pets Remembered. We have a dedicated room for euthanasia where you can take the time to say goodbye in a warm, comfortable atmosphere where your pet can be cared for by a licensed veterinarian and our compassionate team.

The euthanasia is performed by a caring, experienced licensed veterinarian in our comfortable, private, home-like setting.


Each animal at Pets Remembered has the opportunity to have a custom obituary crafted for them. View each animals story and remember their memory below.

Obituary Services
Obituary Services
Brass Urns
traditional urns


Pets Remembered understands that special bond with your pet and the unconditional love that creates. We provide pet cremation services to families who have had a pet die that they love very much. We find our meaning and purpose in helping those families. Find an urn that fits your needs below.

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