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Dealing with the death of a pet is difficult enough without the added concern of:

  • My dog or cat died at home, now what do I do?
  • My pet was hit by a car, who do I call?
  • My pet has been euthanized at the clinic, no bags or freezer for them, now what?
  • What assurances do I really have that it’s only my pet’s ashes returned, the clinic options are all multiple?
  • Where does my pet go? why can't I visit the place?
  • Do I really want to go through this all over again in a week or longer when I pick up from the veterinary clinic?
  • My pets have always been buried but now the ground is frozen.
  • I have always buried in the back yard but I won’t be in this house much longer.
  • Why am I hearing terms like separate and individual from the clinic for a multiple cremation?

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At Pets Remembered Cremation Service we offer only private/alone pet cremation. We use the human model for our pet cremation so there is no confusion or mix-up with your pet’s remains, which may and does happen with communal vet cremation services. Many veterinary clinics contract with services who only offer multiple pet cremation. Do not be confused when they offer you separate or individual cremation. Those terms refer to a multiple pet cremation in one crematory where there will be unavoidable comingling of ashes.

The Separate or Individual cremation models are never used for people in any state, which is why we do not use them at Pets Remembered. We cremate your pet the same day we receive it, or the next morning if it is near closing time. There is no need to bag, tag, or be stacked in a chest freezer or placed on the floor until cremation. We only use family vehicles with pets wrapped in a blanket while transporting them, whether from a clinic or home. We go to your clinic for no charge or arrange to pick up from your home, for a small pick-up fee.

We treat your pet as people are treated at the time of death because pets are family. From the moment we pick up your pet, or you bring your pet in to us, we treat your pet with respect and care. From the day we opened, we have included a wooden urn for your pet’s ashes, rather than a candy tin or cardboard box.

We work with many reputable clinics that understand the difference between individual/separate cremation which is multiple pets in the crematory together and private/alone cremation, which is only one pet in the crematory at a time. They also understand the psychological benefit of a quick return of your pet’s ashes.

Call us at 651-633-4564 and ask if your clinic works with Pets Remembered. If not, we will recommend one in your area that does, although we do pick up at all metro area clinics.

Remember that you do have a choice in your pet’s end of life care. At Pets Remembered Cremation Service your pet will be handled respectfully, never bagged, tagged or frozen, and cremated privately/alone the same day or next morning. You will receive your pet’s ashes within one or two days for no additional upsell cost. Inform us and your vet you wish to use Pets Remembered and we will be there!

Photo credit: Sarah Beth Photography's Joy Session is an opportunity to remember the love you share with your pets in a beautiful, dignified way.

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