Dink (Dinkers)
March 2, 2017

Dink (Dinkers) was the youngest pup of 3. He is sorely missed by his older brother Bandit (12) and his sister Cupcake (4). They were very close. Dink was very special and loved by many families especially his Mamma. Everyone called him a mamma's boy. He followed me everywhere to the bathroom waited for me outside the shower. He loved be close to me. He loved to sit and watch the cars at dusk on the hill just watch them drive by we would sit on the hill together. He also loved to swim with his big brother Bandit! Finding that activity was a dream come true for him! He was so young only 3 but I've convinced myself he's up with my grandma. My Grandma wanted him! He gave the most unconditional love and Dink is a great loss he was an amazing little pup. I am grateful for the time I did have with him. ... Read More

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