Mr. B.
March 29, 2017

Birth? Passing Wednesday, March 29th, 2017
What can I say Mr. B? You were so much more than a cat to us. You were our cat dog. Our Schmoogitz, Mr. LaLa, Mitta, Scooby, Twinkle, TingTang; a precious friend who rescued us. Yes you walked the neighborhood for a good year before you adopted us, and you walked it maybe even longer. I watched you as you sat on a log in the back yard - handsome as all get out - yet sad. Finally one year as I sat on my front step and you sat across the street on the neighbor's stairs, I called to you. I always keep a spare can of cat food, you know, just in case. I fed you, you looked up at me and said "thank you" and I said, "You are welcome - you know - I'm going to help you..."
And so our journey began. It had been about 10 years since my last cat relationship/love. I did not want another cat in my life because I know how hard it is to lose the precious love and relationship that just simply forms, so I decided with you that, yeah, I'll just kind of love you, sure that will work, that way the hurt when you leave me won't be so horrific, so devastating and so real.
So after that first meal, you hung out and I fed you and then as it turns out you had a "crew" a "posse" about 14 of you all together. I found myself being the crazy cat lady and feeding all manner of cat and rescuing every single stinkin' one of them! You knew didn't you? That they all needed help and you had been helping them all along hadn't you? Most found new homes - but some didn't make it due to long injuries that couldn't even be fixed. But every single one got what you hoped for and what I was humbled to participate in. Humane, loving rescue.
The years passed, and wouldn't you know it - despite my best efforts to resist - I fell in love anyway. You were just too darn handsome, smart and filled with charming personality - this mere human couldn't resist.
It was clear that you had been abandoned and held a certain sadness - it was in your eyes - but we worked to heal that over the years, and so you too, couldn't resist the love and care of 2 humans who offered you unconditional love.
One of the animals you rescued all those years ago was a small feral black golden wild eyed girl, who I first named Mama Baby Girl - because she was all three. But she didn't much care for the name so I renamed her Anuk. I took care of Anuk while she lived outside for the first 5 years or so (after live trapping her and having her spayed) providing her shelter, and you would spend time with her always. She couldn't be touched by humans at the time as she was extremely fearful, but that changed through time and love.
I fed her at the back door and your morning ritual was: wake me up (aka: the Mama) through insistent meowing, and get me to come downstairs and open the back door where Anuk would make her appearance. Once she did, you would step outside and show yourself to her, turn around and walk back into the kitchen, sit and wait to be fed - first. You were always first. But you were both fed and ate at the same time, and enjoyed eating together. You seemed to take pride in being the "provider" of the meals, but it was more than that. You proved, over the years, that you had genuine concern for her wellbeing and always, always made sure she was fed. When she made her way into the house the two of you hung out - she loved you - rubbing against you and grooming you when you would let her. A very sweet, sweet couple...
The last few years were rough. Finding the right Veterinarian was a challenge - misdiagnoses were common place. But we finally found the right Dr. for you, who helped you to regain some health and have quality of life in your last year. Some of the experts said "this cat should be dead by now" but they were wrong.
Once you received unconditional love all those years ago, you wanted life. And you fought for it. And you received everything that we could offer you to support you in your journey.
We all miss you beyond words - we are living in sadness. There are many empty spots in the house. Anuk misses you, we miss you terribly. Losing this relationship, friendship, family member, is so hard. We miss all the sugar loving, cuddling, special moments, shared experiences...
You fought to the very end, because it was your nature to do so. I never tried to control an outcome around you; I just wanted you to be your true authentic self and still be loved unconditionally. That is what we did for each other; We supported unconditional love and living life to its fullest.
It will never be the same without you, but I know you are with the others who went before you. There is incredible love where you are and we are connected...
Much love always my sweet baby boy...
On his name:
Mr. B received his name because (being a tuxedo) he had a bib, boots and his front paws were turned out in ballet first position. B, B, B; Mr. B. And oh how I loved your white "third eye" what really caught my attention from the very beginning, a "seer" ...
Later we called him the "International cat of mystery" as in Bond - and when he received his tracking chip the middle numbers were "007"... thus he was also the Bond kitty. Robert had many more names for him; Gobi, Gophidge, Schnoup, Toady, Shnow Shnow, Fluup, Covidge, Bighter, Flouubdge, Scovidge, Schnouf, Pudin', Cho Cho, Noopsh, Nut bag, Flowvidge, Rotten Bottom, Puup Chop, Nuubdge, and finally, Toeshkin. Oh and Auntie TW called him "The Beanut".
Well loved, indeed...
Mama, Daddy, & Anuk - we hold you in our hearts... always...

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