My sweet sweet Drakie Boo! My heart is broken in millions of pieces! These last 7 years, 5 months & 3 days were the best of our lives. Your life was cut too short but we like to think all the love we gave you (and you gave us) really amounted to the full life we were hoping for!

You taught me patience, you softened your dad's heart & you taught your little human brother, Landon, how to love! We are forever blessed with all the memories, kisses & love you have given us. I will miss our daily walks, car rides, morning snuggle sessions & my lap buddy in the evenings. You were truly a mama's boy and I am so thankful God chose me to be your mama! I can't get over how amazing you were! You were beyond smart, had a heart of gold, a sweet & gentle soul & had an enormous love for life & adventure. You are missed by all who knew you! Until we meet again, you will be in our hearts forever & ever as you are simply irreplaceable.

Love you always, Drake.

Forever your, Mama
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Jun 8, 2017

Oh sweet Drake we will miss you. You were such a smart boy, a good friend to Monte, and a joy to have around. You were a blessing to all. Rest In Peace sweet baby boy.


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