August 18, 2000 - July 11, 2017

Our precious Gabby came into our lives in Nov. 2000 and gave us immense love and joy every moment of her 17 years. What an incredible friend and family member! We'll be forever grateful for every day we were blessed to spend with her. Gabby was fun and sassy; a master snuggler, prolific kisser, skilled linguist - with a repertoire of sounds that sometimes sounded like human words and each had a specific meaning - wonderfully comforting and compassionate, a teacher of joy and BEing in the moment, and most of all - fiercely loyal and devoted to her Mama Pam and Mama Terri. 'Miss Gabby' had a pleasant and subtle scent: to Terri she smelled like dandelions, to Pam it was celery. Her most favorite things in the world were blankets and a warm human lap or shoulder. Appropriately, she was the queen of the roost and every so often could turn into the Lion King. Few of our friends or family members experienced "our" 'Gabby Gabs' - she respectfully (ok, sometimes rudely) preferred to experience visitors from a distance.

Canadian by birth (Windsor, Ontario), 'Little Missy,' a Sphynx (mostly hairless, naked) cat, flew to Minnesota to be with her mamas when she was 13 weeks old and weighed a whopping 2 lbs. 8 ozs. From the moment we pulled that tiny kitty wrapped in a sweater out of the carrier, we knew we were kindred spirits. This dainty little lady needed focused, seldom-wavering attention and undying devotion, and she picked the perfect mamas who wanted to give her nothing but. Also, since one of Gabby's mamas is allergic and can't live with "real" cats with hair, she was an extra special blessing as a Sphynx, which turned out to be a workable solution. Sphynxes are described as a cross between a cat, a dog, and a monkey. Gabby spent her life showing us why they are given this well-earned and befitting description!

We miss her immensely. It's amazing how empty the house feels without that little 7.5 lb. naked kitty. She was so deeply intertwined with our lives and her passing has left an immense hole in our home and our hearts. But we know that in time the holes from the sadness will be filled only with all the wonderful memories and love. When Gabby became suddenly ill in late June we knew the time had maybe come that we'd have to say 'farewell for now.' After 2 ½ weeks of round-the-clock palliative care at home, we knew when we had to give her the gift of letting go. After researching options online we were incredibly blessed - and we believe guided - to find Pets Remembered and learn of their unique & compassionate services.

We can't thank all of you enough - Melanie and BriAnna for your patient help and compassion; Dr. Tracy Corcoran for your patient kindness, comfort and gentle skill in helping Gabby pass peacefully; and Carol Noren and Skip Wyland for creating this much-needed business! You ALL made one of the hardest experiences for anyone with beloved animals be as tolerable and peaceful as possible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

And Gabby, thank you. For all you are and all you gave. To us, you'll always be "Da BEST kitty in the WHOLE wide world!!!"

We love you so much-

Mama Terri & Mama Pam
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Aug 12, 2017

Gabbi was born at my home and went to the most amazing people a breeder could ever hope for. You were very loved Gabri, rest in peace.


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