September 1, 2017

My companion Wrangler passed away the morning of September 1st. 2017 from complication from diabetes and other illness. Even though I only had him for 3 years the bond between us was strong. He always walked beside me, not behind or in front. If I stopped he stopped. He would lie on the floor just outside my bedroom door or right beside my chair while I was in my room. He layed by the bathroom door waiting for his turn to go outside and do his thing. I will always remember the way he would sit right by my chair and just stare at me waiting to see what was going to happen next. I have lost other dogs but this one was different. In his final moments he laid his paws and head on my arm knowing I was there by his side. You were a good friend Wrangler and I will miss you. Go to sleep buddy and we will get up in the morning.


Karen Zidar on Sep 4, 2017

Wrangler was a loyal and loving friend and companion to Darrell. They were inseparable. It was obvious when he chose Wrangler to join the family that he would add so much to his life and home. I will miss him, how his leg would shake when you scratched that certain spot behind his ear, shaking hands for a treat, just following you around the house because he loved the closeness of friends and family. My deep condolences, Darrell, on the loss of your dear friend. Keep the warm, happy memories upfront and he will live on in your heart forever. Karen



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