You came into our lives when Rio left a big void
Samba was lonely for a friend, and we knew he needed a buddy
I searched for a special pup, and a match was made in heaven
It was during the dead of winter that we got you
You were full of energy, spunk and curiosity that we will never forget
To say you changed our world is an understatement
The two of you had formed a beautiful friendship over 11 years
You understood each other without a woof. Glances is all it took to tell each other what mischief was about to ensue
100s of walks around parks and lakes are forever forged in our minds
Sadly these came to a standstill last year with cancer, but your eyes told us not to give up.
You became our "tripawd" hero! On three legs you thrived for 11 months! You were our brave, little girl who
fought hard, and you had a spirit to show us how to live despite the diagnosis.
You learned to walk, hop, and run on three legs. The rabbits and squirrels didn't stand a chance!
We miss you our brave girl, as does Samba. We will always love you, cherish every memory of you, and
promise we will all be happy together in heaven someday! Be good up there, and eat your vegetables!
Love from Samba, mommy, daddy and Mira.


Pallu on Sep 3, 2018


Gaurav on Mar 11, 2018

My first experience with a puppy. So full of life and mischief. Strongest memory is of her waiting at the top of the stairs for me in the mornings. Moment I would open the door, that thick tail would start beating the walls in anticipation of my arrival. No better good morning greeting than that. Wasn't allowed to eat breakfast or say hi to anyone else. She wanted those 5 min and how lovely that would be. An absolute sweetheart. So affectionate and naughty at the same time. Will miss you Koko.

Pallu on Dec 21, 2017

There are so many fun memories of Koko, but one that stands out...
I gave her cookies which she took to her famous red carpet (away from Samba) to eat. At the same time, I asked her if she wanted to go out...but, of course! She dropped the cookies, headed to the door, and suddenly realized cookies were fair game for Samba....ran half way to back to them but then realize I may close the back door....oh the choices she had make. Poor girl stood half way between cookies and back door and could not decide. In the end, cookies won!

Laura on Dec 8, 2017

I did not know Koko. I have lost fur babies too, and Pets Remembered has always been there for us. I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that you all find comfort in knowing that you will indeed see Koko in Heaven. My heart goes out to Your other fur baby that lost a dear friend of 11 years. God Bless!



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