To my sweet baby Jak:
You came into my life unexpectedly. A neighbor's co-worker had brought a box of kittens into work on a Friday morning, and by the end of the day, you were the only one who hadn't been adopted. The neighbor brought you home for the weekend, but had to run some errands and couldn't leave you alone with her much older cat, so she brought you over and asked if I would watch you until she got back.
I fell in love with you on sight, and knew right away you were my kitty. You at the same time decided I was your human, and that was that. When my neighbor got back, I told her you didn't need to go back with her, because you'd found your home. We were meant to be together.
Throughout the next 13 ½ years, you were with me through it all, a constant companion. You were there for me through all of life's ups and downs. Your presence always lifted my spirits, and you never failed to bring me joy, comfort, companionship, and warmth. You were content to just snuggle with me when it came time to settle in for the evening with a book or a video game. You would sleep so soundly in my lap that you snored, a tiny, gentle sound. You were quick with purrs, and quick to greet anyone who came to the door. You loved everyone you met. You gladly accepted pets from everyone, be they trick-or-treaters or pizza delivery drivers. You brought smiles to a lot of people, even if you were present in their life for only a moment.
When I would come home from work, I would see you sitting on your perch in the upstairs window, watching and waiting for me. As soon as the garage door opened, I'd see you jump and run for the door, and I'd hear you meowing for me even before I had the car shut off. You were always happy to see me. You'd run to greet Grandpa whenever he came over, too, and he always had treats for you. He loved to spoil you almost as much as I did.
Purring yourself to sleep while curled up against the side of my head, your little face nestled into my ear. Stalking leaves blowing around on the porch, pawing at and leaving little nose prints on the glass of the storm door. Trilling when I opened a tuna can, only to go to town licking it clean when I set it down. Sitting on the downstairs window sill to enjoy the fresh air through the screens, with the fresh air usually culminating in a case of the zoomies. Kneading the metal grates covering the heat vents in my bedroom. Perking up from a nap wherever you were and trotting into the kitchen whenever you heard the treat door open. Relaxing on my lap, fully stretched out, with your front paws tucked underneath my laptop for warmth. Curling up with me whenever I was sad or tired or not feeling well. Napping with your head tucked in against mine, a paw or two draped across my neck in a hug. These are only a few of the things you did that made me smile.
While 13 ½ years wasn't long enough to spend with you, I feel blessed that I got that time with you. Having to say good-bye to you was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and while it did not happen at home, I was still able to hold you in my arms, the arms you had always enjoyed being held by, the arms you had spent so much time in the embrace of. I was able to be with you until the last.
While you are no longer by my side, you are forever in my heart, and I am forever grateful for the time we were able to spend together. We were brought into each other's lives for a reason, and while you may no longer roam the house you were able to call your own, your presence will always remain in it and in my heart. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories, and I look forward to the day we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. In the meantime, may you enjoy the freshest tuna, the most aromatic catnip, and the warmest sunbeams.
Love you always,


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