February 18, 2018

Only a few people will understand the special bond with my cat Cinder and myself. He was a great companion at home, he would hear the garage door open and be at the door to greet me. Many times you would see him looking out the window wondering when I would come home.

There were the thousands of miles that Cinder would travel with me. Going north and hanging out on the large deck overlooking the lake, there were even times he would go fishing with me. People on the lake would always be surprised to see a cat in the boat.

Cinder was very vocal and would always make sure to let you know what he wanted or just communicate with his eyes. We always understood each other. At 22 years of age he succumbs to kidney failure and died in my arms this past Sunday. I loved him so much. He was my best friend ever and will be missed.


Pets Remembered on Mar 15, 2018

Laura Mayer on Feb 23, 2018

CandleI am one of the few that can understand your relationship with Cinder. My husband and I lost 3 of our cat's in the past 3 years. My husband's cat, Ozzy was the same way as Cinder. He always knew when my husband was coming home, and he would sit by the door and wait for him. He was very talkative. We miss him as well as our other 2 cat's very much. Pet's Remembered too great care of all 3 of our cat's. We are blessed to have found them. I am so sorry for your loss.



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