May 10, 2010 - April 19, 2018


May 10, 2010 - Apr 19, 2018


A dog is truly man's best friend <3 Remembering my dog Rosie
5-10-10 to 4-19-18 Thank you Rosie for the times we shared. The BWCA, Lake of the Woods, silver wood every day, numerous camping trips up north and visits to grandma, going in the car everywhere together! Most of all hanging out near the house playing with balls, sticks, and most of all Rocks! I have a rock garden dedicated to you Rosie with all the rocks you brought home. I never felt alone having Rosie around. She never needed obedience training, I had her as a puppy she was trained well and to be off leash. I'm sad German Shepards commonly get sick with Liver and Spleen tumors they truly have been the best dogs ever. RIP Rosie! Missing you so much already. Thank you all who knew and loved her. She will be missed and forever loved. Thank you for walking her while I was out of town, thank you for sharing your treats with her. For treating her like part of the family. I never angered at Rosie, always patient, loving, and kind. Rosie is with Saxon and Duke in heaven.

Missing Rosie. Peculiar Rosie died after Easter, her dad Duke died same time of year. I knew she was sick and dying, before she passed we took her to dog park in the blizzard on her last weekend, she enjoyed a final trip to the Frederick Douglas Spring too. Her last night we laid in our beds looking at each other. I told her that day, today is a good day to die Rosie, we went for a final walk, I went to yoga and returned, I found her lying down not in her normal place, I knew she was ready to go. We spent a few hours saying good byes and I put my hands on her while she gently passed away. For three days she laid under the bush in back yard as I decided what to do with her body, since the ground frozen still we had her cremated with pets remembered, her ashes in a nice box made in India. I'm grateful for a keepsake. I can spread some of her ashes in all our favorite place we went together. She was sweet and gentle dog always, very quiet, she barked on command, she was a great guard dog. I always came home early from school to spend my time with her; I knew our time was short.

She was loved. Rosie had her own couch. She was my dog, it's very sad to lose your one and only dog. We bred her ourselves, with Duke and Taj. Taj still lives. She is slowing down and will join Rosie in heaven someday soon. Life is short but sweet. Duke died of similar disease- tumors of liver/spleen.

We shared some of the best memories and I will always consider her part of my life, even though she is gone, I feel her presence will be around for the rest of my life. The memories are enough to keep me loving her for the rest of time.

I feel a strong bond with this dog, and it helps I raised her as a puppy. I will practice Buddhist tradition and pray every Thursday, I will honor the merits of my meditation while Rosie may be in Bardo for 7 weeks, to ensure the passing of her soul, and for higher reincarnation in the next life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this obituary. Say a prayer for Rosie's soul passing in the spirit realm. I hope she comes back to me as another dog another day. She was beautiful inside and out. Every time I kick a stone or see a stick on the ground or a branch hanging down from a bush I will think of my dog Rosie. She loved playing and she always made eye contact with me, we were best friends. She was attentive to my needs. When I was feeling bad she looked at me adoringly and a walk in the park was always the best medicine no matter what, nothing else compared to the joy I felt when we walked together. She was effortless when walking; walked side by side always even off the leash. I want her to have the utmost freedom now since she is out of the body, she deserves happiness always. Thank you Rosie. The best dog I could ask for. I'm sorry you were suffering and sick, I'm grateful it was not worse. We had a natural death at home. I highly recommend others to practice this. It's a natural part of life.


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