January 27, 2006 - April 29, 2018


Jan 27, 2006 - Apr 29, 2018


1/27/2006 - 4/29/2018
"If love alone could have saved you; you would have lived forever"
Sadly, Daisy was diagnosed with advanced cancer in early April. She left behind many precious memories...
As a puppy Daisy was very energetic. She would run at high-speed through the house banking off of the back of the couch. After a few laps she would need a nap to rest up for the next bout of energy. She was a thoughtful girl. I'd get busy and not be paying attention then look to see the toys she brought to share piled at my feet. She was considerate as she learned to wipe her feet on the foyer rug by walking in circles. She never quite understood that it was not necessary to do that when she was leaving the house. All efforts were appreciated. She was very helpful too. Like the time I came home to find her in the kitchen and paper all over the floor. It took a moment to figure out that she had pulled the wallpaper off the wall. Oh, the fun she must have had doing that! Daisy came to know the word "bastard" meant squirrel. Anytime that word was used in the household she would race to the window looking; where? Where? Such a funny little girl you were. She would always coming running to her favorite word "treat" or uncannily to the sound of the refrigerator door opening. Daisy grew to be a very sweet gentle girl who would tenderly put her paw on my knee when she needed something. She loved retrieving balls, walks, rides in the car and chasing those elusive squirrels. Most of all she loved the people in her life. She brought much joy to many lives. Thank you sweet Daisy for the love, companionship, loyalty and many laughs. I am grateful that you shared your life with me. I deeply miss you and will think of you often. You'll live on in my memories as I hold you close in my heart.


Faye on May 15, 2018

CandleShe was a lucky dog to have you to love and care for her!

Deb Cox on May 15, 2018

CandleOh Deb - this made me cry! She was such a little sweetheart. I know she will be greatly missed. Hang in their Deb and let me know if you need anything at all!!



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