January 3, 2008 - December 26, 2019

Precious Princess Freyja, the bestest girl in the WHOLE world!! Freyja, you heard these words for almost 12 years. It is so strange to have said them for the last time.

Scott, aka Hot Dog, (my little brother), came with hot dogs at 2:23 am and you decided to go home with him. I know you loved and missed him. Now, no more pain, endless swimming in the river that you loved.

You and your brother saved me this last decade. Losing my family but having you two, kept me getting up in the morning. You went so fast.


January 3, 2008 - January 21, 2020

Thor, my bestest boy in the WHOLE world!! Now you're gone too. I know you're happier with your sister and able to run and play again. I miss you

For you both: Forgive me all the chances for cuddles, pats, treats, not taken; he will have them and extra for you. Forgive me if you were sick or hurting and I didn't see it or do enough to help. Forgive the harsh words when I was frustrated with someone/thing else. Forgive me my lapses and my faults. I was so lucky to have you.

From the first puppy kisses and breath to the last time we talked and I hugged you and stroked you, I Loved You with all my heart and soul. Thank you for Loving me. Thank you for your perky ears and head tilts, for your head drops, tushi raisings and tail wags. Thank you for your smiles, chuckles and games.

Mom, Dad and Scott are holding you and cuddling you now.

Please come and get me, when it's time. You and all the puppies and kitties I've been blessed with, come and take me across the Rainbow Bridge so I can be with you always. My most precious kids.

Dear Jesus, please hold these practically perfect representations of their species close and gentle. They completed their assignment on this planet above and beyond what is required and have earned a special place in whatever paradise awaits. I miss you kids. Thank you my angels.


mary on Apr 12, 2020

CandleIts Easter my babies. My first without you. I know you'll be waiting for me. You've completed your journeys. Now play with Scott, Dad and the Grandpas. "A Dogs Journey" proved what I felt.



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