Gracie Carlson

Gracie became a part of our family as a 2-year-old rescue in 2008. Who knows what her life was like in those first two years? I'm not gonna lie - our life with her wasn't always easy! She was very anxious and was a runner. With young children still in the home, this made life difficult. Countless times the children and I ran down the street, drove in car, listening for the other dogs barking, asking neighbors, only for her to show up at home an hour later. She even spent time in the pound. But, we persevered and the older she got, the less running she did. We loved her and she was a member of our family.

Gracie loved eating, walkies, barking at the neighbor dogs, her bed (that was too small for her), belly rubs, and love. Her end of the couch is empty now. My sister told her, "to run to Sophie, Truett, Cassi, Junior, Molly, Archie, Wally, Cadie and Sam and play, play, play!" We will always miss you Poopoos.


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Gracie Carlson

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Gracie Carlson

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Gracie Carlson

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Gracie Carlson

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