George Scheid

Our dearest George was one of the sweetest cats I've ever met. He was previously a feral cat whom we brought inside to take care of. George didn't feel well most of his life, but wouldn't allow us to pet or pick him up so we tried our best to keep him comfortable and feeling loved. The last month or two before his passing, he started allowing us near him for attention and treats. While he wasn't ever right by my side until the end, he was always sitting in the room with us on his favorite dining room chair and his adorable little eyes would slow-blink at us whenever we said "love you baby". I wish we could have changed your fate little dear. As with all of our babies, you will eternally be missed. We love you sweetheart.


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George Scheid

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George Scheid

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George Scheid

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George Scheid

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George Scheid

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George Scheid

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