Marley Seeler
May 2, 2021

On Sunday, May 2nd, 2021, Marley aka Mancat, best buddy, orange dude, sweet angel, passed away at the age of 11.
Marley was made out of pure love and made any place we lived feel like home. He filled my heart and the hearts of all who met him with joy and warmth.
I got Marley when he was 8 weeks old and we became instantly bonded. He brought so much happiness and loved our little family unconditionally. He was there for me when I needed that type of love the most and I am forever grateful. Marley saved my life and I tried my absolute best to save his when he was diagnosed with cancer in January. He fought so hard through having his leg amputated to try and rid his body of the cancer. Witnessing him learn to walk, run, and jump again was unbelievably inspiring. He battled through months of chemotherapy. He was thriving and beating it. Marley's wonderful Oncology team at Blue Pearl called him a rockstar and they were right. It was clear that Marley wanted extra time with us as much as we wanted it with him.
Heartbreakingly, Marley suddenly and quickly began to lose strength. He was taken in and diagnosed with pneumonia, an infection that he had no white blood cells left to battle. Marley, our brave orange warrior, fought all the way to the end. He doesn't have to fight anymore and is no longer in any pain. I am forever grateful that I got to be his mom and be blessed with loving a being that's so special. He is missed more than words can convey but we carry him with us in our hearts and always will. I like to think he's watching over us and blanketing us all with love, just like he did when he was here. I hope he's found the best snuggle spots, all the boxes to jump in, and infinite cans of wet food.
Rest in Peace Marley mancat, love of my life. Like I always said, I love you more than anything. You can do anything. Until we meet again, best friend.


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Marley Seeler

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Marley Seeler

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