About Angus

Passed on April 21, 2014

Dear Friends of Angus:

Itʼs a sad time at our house, our beloved dog Angus passed on Monday.
As many of you know he was diagnosed with cancer last September. He had it in his foot and lymph system. He also had an assortment of other aliments from a long, full life of 13 plus years. We were told he wouldnʼt see Christmas. But thanks to a Vet that took a personal interest in him, a toe amputation and loving care from JoAnne, he saw Christmas and then some. It was a wonderful time that we did not take for granted. He was with JoAnne or me almost all the time, doing this or that, going here and there.

Angus was a loving, goofy dog that kept us in laughter all the time. We called our previous dog Gus, the Zen dog because of his calming, spiritual nature. Angus was just the opposite, we called him our “Nez” dog. Always playful, warm, a little loud and looking for a good time. He was literally a party animal. A woman upon meeting him for the first time perfectly said “Oh my, he has a Big Personality”. He would surprise people when greeting them by sticking his head between their knees. It was his way of hugging them.

He was originally my sonʼs dog. He was born in Chicago and spent some years on a farm running after Coyotes. When younger, he was a heck of an athlete. To see him fetch a ball or in a full run was a thing of beauty. His back legs would propel him so fast, his hind end would literally come around so that his body was perpendicular to his line of travel. My son gave him to us about 6 years ago. The best gift weʼve ever gotten.

When Angus came to us in Saint Paul, he became a city dog. Heʼd sit on our front lawn on the edge of Lake Como, unattended, greeting passers by. He thought he was the Mayor of Lake Como. So did we. He was smart. He had it so good here, he would never leave our property. He would walk the perimeter of our unfenced yard and never step off into the street. Neighbors marveled at this. So did we. To this day, I canʼt explain how it happened.

He loved sitting in my car when it was parked in the driveway. It was his kennel, his favorite place to be for hours. Yet ironically, he did not travel well in the car. It upset him. When he did travel, he preferred the front seat sitting just like a person, provoking some laughter and conversations at intersections. JoAnne, being the good sport she is, would sit in the back. In our small family, Angus had rights. He had a vote.

Last Sunday, Easter day, it was warm, sunny and beautiful here in the Twin Cities. Although unable to walk and not eating, he spent the day on the front lawn under an umbrella, greeting passers by. He had many visitors that day, friends, canines and their owners. It was like it was ordained. He was a great connection to our neighbors and our community. Come Monday, he and we knew it was time. To say he will be missed is an understatement.

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went”.
… Will Rogers (1879-1935)