About Bianca

Passed on August 11, 2015

Bianca was rescued 3 years ago from a puppy mill situation where she was just used for breeding, the rescue place figured she was 6 years old. She was shy and scared of people. We had another dog Katey our pug dog. I believed for the first time she got to watch a dog just having fun. She slowly began to trust my husband and I first, and then our grown daughters. We watched her blossom every day, and she became more trusting of us. She learned she could run and loved to do so on our trails around our yard. Rolling in tall grasses became a ritual for her when we reached a certain point on our walks. She learned she loved to chase balls but never seemed to like to bring them back but that was ok. We bought soft frisbee’s that she loved to chase, then it was chew bones she loved to chew on. She became a totally caring and loving companion who had to have her paw on me (her mom) while we sat on the couch. The couch became her ULTIMATE place to spend most of her time. When looking at her on the couch all I could think is that the life she had before us she deserved every minute of enjoyment on that couch. We only had her 3 years which was not long enough for us. Her passing happened within hours so we had no time to prepare for her departing but we find happiness in knowing she lived a very full life in those 3 years.

We Love You Bianca and will Miss You.