About Bradley

Passed on May 22, 2014

Bradley Aaron Karsnia, our faithful and beloved companion of nearly six years, passed from this Earth into Heaven on Thursday, May 22, 2014. Bradley, also affectionately known as “Braddie”, “Baby Labrador”, and “Brad” was born May 12, 2008 in rural Milaca, MN. We immediately fell in love with the Fox-Red Labs and had second pick of the litter. We welcomed Braddie into our home on June 28, 2008.

Braddie graduated from Obedience Training at Pine Ridge in Andover. He trained easily and mastered his commands, although he could be a bit stubborn at times about obeying them! He was an active guy who loved the outdoors, but was very much a home-boy. Other than the occasional visit to the neighbor’s yard, we never had to worry about him running off. He liked to chase bunnies and never intended to hurt them, only play. In addition to his puppy food, he appreciated handouts and was especially fond of potato / tortilla chips, peanut butter, cheese treats, hotdog treats, fishie crackers, and bananas (“nanas” to him). The only thing he didn’t care for was carrots.

Braddie had an internal clock and we were continually amazed how accurately it kept time. In the morning, he’d walk to Mom’s side of the bed, stand on the stool and say “time to wake up & feed me!” even though it was 5 minutes before the alarm went off! He knew when it was lunchtime and told Dad “come on, let’s get some hotdogs and chip treats!”, or at the end of the day when he’d hear “Mom’s Home!” and he’d fly to the door wagging his tail because he knew it was supper time and all of his family was home.

Bradley had a way of making people smile, especially his family. He adored us and we adored him. Especially when Uncle Brian came over – he’d sit at the top of the stairs with his wiggly butt just a movin’ until he got the ok to go greet him – then he’d fly down the stairs and give tons of kissies which he was famous for! He especially liked playing fetch with Mack and hanging out with both kids while playing in the backyard. He and Lexie respected each others’ space, yet looked out for each other. When Lexie dropped fishie crackers, there was no need to worry about cleaning them up; Braddie was right there to take care of that! He was visibly concerned when the kids were gone overnight, especially when Mack went to camp.

Special times outdoors with Dad included retrieving his toy tire or just exploring while Dad was tooling with the cars. Braddie loved taking walks around his neighborhood; to the gas station, or the fire station – mostly with dad as these were their special times together. Occasionally Mom would come too and he was happy when Mom walked him. He helped Dad with homework even though that was not his favorite thing to do as it took attention away from him, but he was a trooper about it. He always had a good luck kissie as dad left to take an exam and waited eagerly for the results. Most recently, he saw to it that Dad earned a “B” in a college Chemistry course. In the evenings after a walk, we’d just hang out in the living room, playing with tug toy or tennis ball, or just laying on his pillow next to Dad. When it was time for dessert, he had to have something too – usually a puppy treat or some peanut butter in his Kong. He just wanted to be around us and we cherished every moment with him.

We miss him dearly! There are so many special memories we have of him, even in the last months as his sickness was intensifying. While it was not easy to let him go, we couldn’t bear to let him suffer any more. We were with him to the very end as he made his peaceful journey into Heaven. We know he is safe and happy there, enjoying a big bowl of puppy food and being able to run around and play like he loved to do. Rest in peace Baby Labrador – we love you and will always cherish our time with you, despite how short that time was.

Braddie is survived by his parents, Tony and Kim Karsnia; brother, Mack; sister, Lexie; grandparents; uncle; aunt; cousins; and many friends.