About Buford Maxwell Sheffield-West

Passed on February 28, 2024

Buford Maxwell Sheffield-West, age 10, of Minneapolis, MN died peacefully on February 28th, 2024, surround by his family.

His Lordship Buford Maxwell of the Sheffield-West manor was born on May 8th, 2010, with his five littermates (which according to the vet’s ultrasound none of them were there). Considering their nonexistence proclaimed by the vet, he and his littermates came into the world by natural birth on his mother’s couch.

Buford enjoyed being the protector and ambassador of the Sheffield-West manor. His greatest joy was ambassatating all visitors to the grounds of the manor. While not ambassatating, in his leisure time, he enjoyed relaxation time by laying on the warm concrete and roasting in the summer sun or frolicking in the cold, winter snow. He was also a professional sleeper; proficient in full motion dreams of running, the only way he truly enjoyed the act of running.

Buford is preceded in the death by his brother, Samuel Duane; all of his littermates including his special littermate/first cousin, Stanley Lloyd Kobza; first cousin, Norma Jean Kobza; grandfather, Donnie Sheffield; and great-parents, Duane West, Patricia (Bruce) Hildebrand, Sam (Shela) Nelson, and Emma Sheffield.

Grateful to having shared in his life are his fathers, Derrick & Sam Sheffield-West; brother, Sir Winston Churchill Sheffield-West; grandparents, Todd (Lori) West, Stacy (Tom) Henderson, Kari Richardson; great-grandparents, Shirley West, LeRoy Bullis, Rita (Jim) Orlando; aunt, Erica (Brad) Kobza; uncle, Jake (Katie) Richardson; cousins: Barrett, Stella, Sunny Black Dog, Ruby, Sydney, Haiden, Raven, his very special cousin, Ashton; great aunts & uncles, Kim (Mary Pahnisch) West; Tim West; Russ (Katie Pederson) Bullis; and numerous other relatives and friends whom benefited from the love he brought to this world.

His Lordship Buford Maxwell will be deeply missed by all he ambassatated.