About Charlie

Born March 28th 2014, Charlie was a lover of anything to do with cuddles and Love, and whenever she could get her paws on an insect. 

I will miss getting home being greeted by her plopping down at my feet for daily belly rubs, cuddles, binge watching shows, playing, car rides and being my little spoon at night.

Tapping my knee and staring at me when you knew it was time for supper.

Morning wake up paw pats gently on my face until I woke up for breakfast.

Charlie only had one official name, but went by many names.

Cheech, cheechee, plopper, little loaf of bread, cutie little pumpkin pie, ginger baby, choochoo.

I mean the list could go on and on.

She will be missed and was loved by many.

She touched every heart that she met.

Goodnight my little spoon ♥️