Chloe Cloutier 1

About Chloe Fontaine

Chloe came into my life back in 2008.  Through myriads of life experiences, she was a constant presence.  She was so sweet and loving and I know that her trust in me had grown very deep over time.  It was a special bond that only other pet owners will know.

One thing I loved about Chloe, besides her cute round face and bright eyes, was her social awareness and gentle politeness.  She really was in tune with people and loved being in her human family.  She reminded us when it was time to wake up, joined us at the table for meals, sought us out for playtime and cuddles or outside time, let us know when we were getting too excited during a discussion, and shepherded us to bed.  She almost always wanted a person’s lap or to be near a person and was curious and welcoming to strangers.  Chloe expressed her love by cuddling, purring, licking my fingers or sometimes just staring or blinking lazily at me while lying on the couch.  As part of the family, we did little things for her as well, whether it was giving her choice bits at dinner, keeping her water bowl extra fresh, finding new ways to play with her, or just checking in on her now and then so she knows we’re thinking about her.

I thought we’d have Chloe for at least a few more years, but it’s not always up to us to choose.  Chloe was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2015 and in early December 2022, the first symptoms began to appear of a serious acute decline.  She braved through all the trips to the hospital and the added medicine regimens while staying in deep trust with us.  All the veterinarians she met at the end of her days loved her and doted on her; she always left many positive impressions with the people who encountered her.  Although she will be missed, we are sending all the best wishes for her journey from now on and evermore.­­­