curt bird

About Curt Bird

Passed on September 22, 2023

Chunky Monkey (Max) was born on October 11, 2008. The first few years of Chunky Monkey’s life are unknown but records note Oklahoma State authorities captured him in the house he was solely occupying and exiled him to Minnesota where he promptly found his forever home. His companion created a new identity for him and gave him a name befitting of his regal disposition; Curt Bird.


Curt could typically be found sitting upright in the front seat of the Tacoma looking out the window, meeting anyone he could on the streets of St. Paul and sniffing the trails at Jerry Jay Jolly – hot on the trail of the elusive bunny. Curt enjoyed life’s simple pleasures; laying in the sun on cool grass, eating fine meats, and laying on his back on the sofa with legs splayed out. Much to the chagrin of family, Curt loathed Lake Superior and despised family events on the water. He would be quick to sabotage such a foolish endeavor.


Curt’s light faded away in the early hours of September 22, 2023, with his ever-present companion holding his paw as he crossed over. A true gentlemen all the way to the end.


DQ and sofa-sitting won’t be the same. Love you Curt.



“I have done mostly what most men do,

And pushed it out of my mind;


But I can’t forget, if I wanted to,

Four-Feet trotting behind.


Day after day, the whole day through—

Wherever my road inclined—


Four-Feet said, ‘I am coming with you!’

And trotted along behind.


Now I must go by some other round,—

Which I shall never find—


Somewhere that does not carry the sound

Of Four-Feet trotting behind.”

– Rudyard Kipling