elly temple 2

About Elly Temple

Eleanor Louise “Elly” was lifted into heaven on January 10th 2024 from her mommy’s arms at age 14.  She was born on 11/05/09 and lived her first year of life with a local breeder who shows Frenchies.  Elly wasn’t “cutting the mustard” so to speak as a show dog and preferred life out of the limelight.  She was a shy girl who just wanted to do zoomies around the house and be loved.  I adopted her at one year old and she quickly became BBF’s with her Frenchie sister Gigi.  They were inseparable and loved to cuddle together.  She learned tricks very quickly, she was a smart girl, her favorite trick was ringing a bell on cue.


Elly had the kindest soul and the most beautiful eyes.  She was the sweetest, most beautiful, bestest girl.  Her favorite things to do were going for walks, car rides, barfing on her mom’s carpet, and visiting grandma in the nursing home.  She loved to make the residents and staff smile and got all kinds of attention.  She use to lick my feet and legs when I got out of the shower.  I would say “oh are you cleaning mom today…well thank you Elly.”  When I would ask her “do you wanna eat?” she would jump up and bonk me in the face it was the cutest thing ever.


She had VIP napping destinations which included her taco bed and on the very top cushion of the couch.  Everywhere I took her people would stop me and tell me how cute she was and ask to pet her.  The neighbors all greeted her on our walks and she had the cutest little bunny hop when she saw someone else coming or another dog.


She had the cutest crooked teeth smile to go along with her barf breath.  She struggled with a moderate case of IBD for years which was managed well by her mom and vet.  Special thank you to her vet Dr. Stacy York for being an amazing vet and support system for Elly.  Also a big thank you to Uncle Brian and Auntie Chris for taking such good care of her when mom was away.  Rumor has it she liked to walk on Uncle Brian’s head while he tried to sleep.  She loved to be tucked in under a blanket at bed time and always slept with mom in her bed.


She had several nicknames:  Belly, Butter Bean, Bubs, Beanie Baby and El.  She was the queen of delivering the stink eye when the nail clippers came out and would hide in the back of the taco bed hoping mom wouldn’t see her.  Her favorite treat was mini marshmallows.


She will be deeply missed by many but mostly by her mom.  She was such a good girl, I took her everywhere with me. The house feels like an energy is gone that will never be replaced.  I miss the way she would walk up the steps making snort sounds, her companionship, her piddling on the front step, and her cute snore.  Every time you say goodbye to a pet its like a piece of your heart is gone they truly are family members.   They are our “true friends” and are always there for us comforting us and making us smile.


She was preceded in death by her sister Gigi Marie and special friend Emme Doodle.  Rest In Peace sweet girl…until we see each other again.



Love you forever-