emmett 2

About Emmett Henry

Passed on August 13, 2023

September 2007 – August 13, 2023


First saw Emmett October 2007.  His mother and her babies had been rescued from the street and were being fostered at the vet clinic.  He was the alpha kitty of the litter, a fearless, rambunctious, friendly, attention demanding cutie.  And an escape artist.  Watching his antics brought joy.  With three cats not looking to adopt.  But when two passed in the next five weeks I was crushed.  And kept thinking about Emmett.


In December 2007 adopted Emmett and his littermate Tom.  Upon arrival they raced around like maniacs, especially Emmett, jumping on and over everything.  What had I gotten myself into?  Was this a mistake?  Then Emmett jumped on my shoulder rubbed his face on mine and purred.  I was smitten, he was home.


Emmett liked to pick on his brother, but when the fighting was over he would be grooming and cuddling with him.  And if anything potentially threatened Tom, Emmett raced to his defense.


There was no harness that my little Houdini couldn’t escape. Turn your back for a moment and he would be shimmying out of his constraints.  And then he would lead a mischievous chase through back yards and alleys scrambling under cars, up trees, in bushes.  And when he tired of his game would saunter to the front door.  Once he went missing for 40 hours.  After that he rarely let the house out of sight when he played the “chase me” game.


He loved people.  He would stretch to the end of his leash to allow passersby to pet and admire him.  He was even good with children, always gentle  One little girl would insist her mother walk by to see if he was out and when her family decided to get a cat she picked out a black one and named him Emmett!


He was curious but cautious about dogs.  He would approach, get nose to nose and then hiss and swat at the poor pooch.  One doggie was so traumatized if Emmett was outside his owner had to carry him.


I miss waking to him patting my face, curling on my lap purring away and all the other little things he did.  Emmett will always be remembered, always missed.