flower 2

About Flower Cloutier

To our sweet Flower dog

What a wonderful gift we had to be in your life.  When we adopted you in 2012, we knew nothing of what your early years were but knew you needed to be a part of our family.  The joy you gave us was immeasurable and is sorely missed.  Dad has almost filled your water bowl twice now then realizes you aren’t here.  All your sass and butt-throwing is missed.  The memories we have of you laying on your back out cold then, suddenly, your tail starts wagging back and forth in your happiness.  We remember you walking around with either our slippers in your mouth or piggy, making it talk saying “give me attention”.  We miss your pestering and your walk-abouts.  The schedule you had us on is hard to forget.  We both comment that it’s time for a poop walk or time to make breakfast or dinner.  You were our heart.  Going through all your pictures, we smile.  Your emotions were expressed on your wonderful face.   We knew when you were happy or mad Flower.  The heavy paws walking around the house are missed and most importantly, your simple presence.  The knowledge that you were there, always.  The house is empty without you.

We love and miss you dearly sweet Flower.

Dad and the backup human, Mom.