About Fritizie Wicker

Passed on January 29, 2015

Fritizie Wicker passed away Thursday, January 29, after a long brave battle with cancer. She passed peacefully at home surrounded by her family and loved ones. In death she is survived by her Mommy Cat, her Daddy Cat, her brother Willis and her three loving aunts Suzanne Garry, Jennifer Milbacher, and Dr. Lisa Mekka. She came from humble beginnings of rural America to distinguish herself as a graduate student of life. She held several degrees in Mouseology, Avian Observation, and Kitty Toy Dismemberment. A master at the craft of silent purring, she was a gifted teacher and a grand example to the community of generosity and giving, although she could never quite grasp the need to share dry toys over slobbery ones. She was a decorated veteran of the Mouse War Incursion of 2010. Her insightful interrogation techniques led to an early cessation of hostilities and she was instrumental in procuring the Falcon Heights Accord which has led to a long lasting peace between the two opposing factions. Fritzie spoke two languages High Feline, and Human Coercion. Her famous quote of ” Merrroww,rooooow? ” is a stirling example of her wit and ingenuity and loosely translates to ” Wake up and feed me or, if you’d prefer, I’ll sit on your face until you do?” She was the inspiration for the short story “The Further Adventures of Ring Foot and Pepper Toe” Her accomplishments are many and she has left a legacy of joy. Firtizie’s good humor and warmth will be missed