About George Hughes

Passed on February 14, 2023


George passed away on Valentines day 2023. It rained the entire day after.

George was a big, smart, and unique cat. He loved to play outside and help supervise gardening, mowing, grilling, campfires, and all outside activities. He enjoyed evening lap time and snuggling his family he also enjoyed his heated bed.

George was full of personality and loved to scream in the background of zoom calls, sit in novel places, and rapidly run his paws over smooth surfaces like windows. He knew and responded to many words, of course some of his favorite were “outside”, “treat”, and “hungry?”.  At his biggest, George was over twenty three pounds.  He had long, beautiful fur that he maintained and kept perfect, especially his tail.

November of last year it was discovered that George had cancer.  While the form he had was terminal, we were lucky enough to be able to treat him for as long as he had a good quality of life.

We spent an entire year spoiling him with lots of outside time and whatever food he wanted. He got to pick from most cat food we could find as well as safe to eat people food. Oddly, one of his favorite choices were dental treats. We are grateful that we had an entire additional fourteen months with him to spoil him and love him. We are also proud that experience gained from helping him may help other kitties and puppies with cancer in the future.

George leaves behind a very large hole only he could fill. His cute face and personality will be missed not only by his family but also by friends who knew his story. We did not even realize how much time, energy, love, and resources we were putting into him this final year. The days are longer and missing a certain spark without him. We are so blessed that we got to spend almost 12 full years with him and watch him grow from a naughty kitten into such a smart and unique cat and member of our family.