Gracie Stethem1

About Gracie Stethem

Passed on May 17, 2024

Gracie went to heaven on May 17th, 2024. She was 15 years old. Gracie was 2 years old when I adopted her. The rescue said, “we have a long legged chihuahua for adoption”, I thought no way do I want a chihuahua, but I’ll take a look. Not even knowing what you looked like I walked in the adoption event and saw you. I knew it was you and I was instantly in love. Bonded for life.


Gracie loved her walkies. The joy she had every walk was amazing to me. Every walk I watched her prance, sniff and run around. The last few years we loved gardening together …well, I worked, and she supervised. She also loved to sunbath – she would start her morning by bathing at the front door and moving to the back patio in the afternoon.


For many years, we had foster kittens in the home. She was so patient and gentle with all of them. She showed them how to behave and that doggies were good! It so sweet to watch her get excited to “go see the babies”.


She loved her treats! Whether it was pita bread, puffs, green beans or her favorite pizza crust she was always begging for a taste, and rarely could anyone resist the look she would give you with her big brown eyes.


Being a typical chi chi she had a select few people she allowed to be in her circle, and you felt special being part of the group. She loved her nana, auntie and uncle.


She could never be in another room away from me for too long and neither could I. Always together. She was very protective of me, and I was proud of my fierce girl. She was so particular about where she lay. If she wanted “the spot” (which was new each day) she would do anything to get it. She was relentless until one of the cats moved from “the spot” or would make me lay in the most awkward position. But GG got her spot, and all was good.


My GG, Pumpkin, Babe, G’g. Nothing will be the same. I will miss you bringing me a baby when I arrived home, snuggles, your head popping up in the window when you would hear the car roll up and your constant squeals of excitement. But I’m forever grateful for all the wonderful years. I love you, Gracie. I know sister Cali and brother Grizzlee Bear are so happy to be with you again. I will see you again someday!