Hershey Ekman

About Hershey Ekman

Thank you, Hershey, for picking me to be your dad. Did you sense I wasn’t a dog person? You fixed that in a hurry. Snuggling on the couch, sleeping on my chest in the sun. I’d call to you, “Hersh let’s go watch hockey.” You’d run downstairs, hop on the left side of the recliner, and snuggle in for the game.

You didn’t like swimming much, although you did like to be on our boat. You scared us when we were anchored on Lake Superior–you ran into the cold water to follow Dad wading to the boat. His hands were full, so he hurried through waist high water to get back to you as you struggled to keep your head above the water. Dad knew then that you would try to protect him no matter what.

We always thought we should’ve entered you in the wiener dog races. You were so fast! And we loved your “Flying Nun” ears with your big expressive eyes.

After your brother Charlie died you sensed how sad Mom was and spent more time snuggling with her to help get through a tough time. Well, this went on until eventually you became a momma’s girl!

We are so thankful for the 18 years you filled our hearts with love. Goodbye sweet girl; go play with Charlie.