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About Indy Pettingill

Dear Indy,

Words cannot describe the heartache we feel each day waking up without you at our side. We miss hearing your grunts and snuffles so much. Wish you were here to give us more slobbery kisses. What keeps us going are the pictures of our 14 years together replaying in our minds. So many happy memories we wish we could relive them all.

The day I brought you home: We had been searching for our dog for some time, when one morning on my day off and on his way out the door for work, Ryan told me to “go find us a dog”. An hour later I logged onto the Chronicle’s website and found you. The only pup in the liter, 8 weeks old and 4 miles from our house. That rainy afternoon I brought you home.

Our honeymoon: We couldn’t bare to be without our beloved Indy even on our Honeymoon. You were 6 months old and the best puppy ever. We spent a week on the beach loving every minute together. Rosie’s Cottage in Mendocino will forever be in our hearts.

Three years later: We were apprehensive about bringing our little lady home from the hospital and introducing her to you, but you weren’t shy about meeting her. She soon became your Hooman baby girl. You never left her side. Over a decade later you were still asking to sleep in Olivia’s room, wanting to snuggle and kiss her whenever you could. I will cherish the memories of you and her fast asleep together.

Moving to Minnesota: If I had asked your opinion on our move to Minnesota, I’m sure you would have begged for no snow but in the end, you embraced it as much as you could. You LOVED the summers camping by the lake. Except for that time, we took you paddle boating. I will never forget you diving off the boat and Ryan following to save you as you beat him swimming to shore. When he finally got to you, you were asleep on the sandy shore. You begged us to never take you in a boat or make you swim ever again.

Lucy: Then there was the day we brought Lucy, your forever girl, home to us. The sound of your excited squeals still embraces my heart. You were forever happy to have a mate. Your soulmate. Even if she was pushy with you, you still found it in yourself to groom her long enough until you were both snoring in front of the fireplace. Lucy has been lost without you. She’s finally starting to come around though. She will never find another pup mate like you.

The end: This is by far the hardest memory. We knew in our hearts that you were ready. We wanted to keep you here with us forever. Watching you suffer through seizure after seizure was so painful for us all. We wished you could hear us telling you how much we love you. We wish you could see us all once more. We wish you could still fetch and play tug with Lucy. You knew we were there by your side as we had to say goodbye.

We will never forget you, Indy!


Jessica, Ryan & Olivia

Indy was preceded in death by his feline brother, Buddy Maine Coon 20 years.  He is survived by his Hoomans Jessica, Ryan and Olivia, and his furry friends, Dax Tuxedo Cat 8 years, Lucy American Staffordshire Terrier 5 years and Ro the Gecko 2 years.


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