About Jafari

Passed on April 18, 2014

Jafari came to me as a senior citizen. He was 13 when I got him. My apt
manager was moving from a house to an apt and he had issues and they could
only take 3 pets to the new place. She knew I had worked for a vet
previously and asked me if I would take him. I immediately said yes! So she
dropped him off and visited a couple of times til I moved. His bitey
behavior became less and fit in well with my cats. When I moved in with my
husband, we had to have separate quarters for him and my step daughters
cat. They didn’t get along. But he was happy to have the time alone and
with us.
Last yr we moved and it was just my kitties, and he was showing signs of
age but still active. He became more of a love bug. He would wait til the
others were in another room and curl up in my lap. The last to months he
was there quite a lot.
I will miss my little old man! I hope you get all the snugs and hugs on the
other side of that bridge you want!
Miss you Farti! My little man!

Love you always!