jasmine Pecore

About Jasmine Pecore

Passed on September 15, 2023

September 15, 2023


Jasmine was a Princess from the time I saw her in the Dakota County Animal shelter in 2008. She had her long arms out stretched over her 3 siblings and ruled the Tortoiseshell Pride. We decided to take her and one of her feisty sisters home where she lived a long, very happy and very spoiled life – fit for the Queen that she became.

As a kitten, so loved several things – strings, her “pet” cotton-stuffed possum named “Posse”, her sister Dakota, drinking out of a sink and her human family. We played “string time” nearly every night for the first 2 years and she ended up destroying Posse – like he was a real possum. She protected Dakota throughout her life and loved to cuddle her. Jasmine asked and drank straight from the sink until her last days and she slept by her human parent’s side nightly.

Jasmine came into her mom’s life at a very pivotal and significant time – 1 week after moving to Minnesota from Florida and a week before starting work at 3M. She moved homes 6 times with her family and lived in 3 states in her 15 years. She lost a brother to a brain tumor and gained a brother from abandonment the same year at the age of 2. Jasmine fought her way through intestinal bowel disease at a young age and remained Queen of the house until the end.

Jasmine helped her family through several significant life events – start of a career, finding a partner, getting married, arrival of 3 human children, and death of a grandmother. She supported her family through moves and starts of school and every day ups & downs of life. She was very loving with a “rag doll” personality – very good at allowing hugs and attention. Jasmine had a purr motor that was so loud that could be heard through noise canceling headphones!

Queen Jasmine will always be loved and we will be forever grateful to have had her in our lives.