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About Jasper Nelson

Passed on February 27, 2024

2006 – February 27, 2024


Many years ago I took in a little fella who’s name was none other than Jasper . I remember the first day I brought him home he had no intention of wanting to be my friend. 😅 He didn’t hate me or anything, he just had a pompous air about him—he was better than everyone else …He wasn’t wrong lol. But I eventually discovered that the way to his heart was a plain cheese sandwich.. That’s all it took for me to win over ol ‘Garfield’, and our friendship was struck .


For many years—through my teens, he was my constant companion. Eventually, he would become the family cat and Milo’s brother: and boy, that pair was inseparable!  They did everything together—from taking a jaunt in the neighborhood and visiting the neighborhood kids-to hunting rabbits and leaving their spoils on the the steps to torment my family.


As the years passed by, they both slowed down and would eventually teach their younger siblings the ancient art of the cat, and how to keep the dogs in check.  They eventually traded on their hunting escapades for  days lounging in the sun or snuggled up with their siblings .  ❤

Milo passed from cancer in 2021,  which made Jasper the head of the house.  Jasper stepped confidently into his new role, as he watched over everyone happily in his throne for a solid 17 years.  ❤


Of course, time has a way of sneaking up on us all, and sometimes without warning . My family and I made sure he knew just how much he was loved right to the very end and we sent him to be with Milo once again on February 27, 2024.


Thank you for waiting for me, ‘Jasperkins.’  I sure will miss that smug face of yours.  🥺💔